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Texas Whitetail Hunting Packages

By virtue of an Intensive management program, Cross Outfitters offers an exceptional opportunity for mature Texas Trophy Whitetail deer.  Wildlife management includes year round protein feeding, supplemental food plots, and habitat enhancement. Cross Outfitters follows strict management guidelines for producing a healthy deer herd and Trophy Whitetail deer, which makes Cross Outfitters a deer hunters' dream.

Most of the whitetail hunts take place at the Cross Oaks Ranch, located in the Texas Hill Country just outside Brady.  This beautiful ranch is 2490 acres game fenced and is managed to produce Whitetail Bucks gross scoring 130-200+. Besides the Cross Oaks Ranch, we also offer whitetail hunts at other quality ranches.

The Cross Oaks Ranch uses MLD Permits. This means we have our own deer tags and a longer season. Our Season starts around October 1 and runs until the end of February. Gun or bow is allowed during the whole season.

All hunts can be customized to fit your needs.  At Cross Outfitters, we have had over 65% repeat hunters in the last 4 years.  Contact us for more information, available dates, a reference list, or to book a hunt. Below are our current rates for our Texas Whitetail Hunts.

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Bronze Whitetail Hunt - $2,600

  • 1 Buck (Up to 129 gross score).
  • 4 Day Hunt. 1x1 Fully Guided.
  • Lodging and meals Included.
  • Includes 1 pig and 1 Whitetail Doe (Based on Availability)

Silver Trophy Whitetail Hunt - $4,250

  • 1 Mature Buck (130-159 gross score).
  • 4 Day Hunt. 1x1 Fully Guided.
  • Lodging and meals Included.
  • Includes 1 pig and 1 Whitetail Doe (Based on Availability).
  • Average gross score: 147

Gold Trophy Whitetail Hunt - $8,000

  • 1 Mature Buck (160-199 gross Score).
  • 4 day hunt. 1x1 Fully guided.
  • Lodging and meals included.
  • Includes 1 pig and 1 Whitetail Doe (Based on Availability).
  • Average gross score: 176  High: 193 4/8
  • Platinum Option for 160-200+ Gross Score= Additional $2,000
  • (Will be refunded if a buck is harvested less than 200 gross score)

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Meat Hunts- Fill the Freezer!

All inclusive Package
  • 2 Meat Animals- Mix between Whitetail Does, Whitetail Cull Bucks, and Blackbuck Does. $900
  • Also Includes 1 Wild Pig.
  • $250 a day for 1x1 Guide, Lodging and Meals.
  • Guides Choice on animals to take.
  • Season runs from around October 1 until the end of February!

Custom Hunts or Day Hunts

  • We can customize a meat hunt to fit you or your groups needs/budget if the all inclusive package is not what your looking for.
  • Options include bringing your own meals/drinks, shorter hunts, day hunts, etc.
  • Many options to make it the right hunt for you.
  • Contact us for more information.

Add Ons

  • Extra Days - $350
  • Non Hunting Guests - $175 a day
  • Cull Whitetail Buck - $500
  • Turkey - Bearded Gobbler or Hen- $300 (When in Season)
  • Extra Whitetail Doe - $350
  • Blackbuck Doe- $300
  • Axis Doe- $650
  • Extra Wild Pigs - $50
  • Varmint Hunt- $50 half day
  • Dove Hunt - $50 half day (When in Season)
  • Exotics can be included with your hunt for animal fee only.

HT Ranch Whitetail Hunts

We Offer Trophy Whitetail Hunts at the HT Ranch for:

  • Over 200 Gross Score
  • 180-199 Gross Score
  • 150-179 Gross Score
  • 130-149 Gross Score
  • Under 130 Gross Score
  • Conveniently located near the Cross Oaks Ranch for hunting between both ranches.

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Corporate / Group Hunts

Some of the Reasons Companies/Groups have Hunted with us:

  • Building Relationships among clients and employees
  • Friends and Family vacation
  • Showing appreciation to Core Customers or Employees

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